New Home Sites

New Home Sites


Site Preperation

B. East Grading specializes in comprehensive site preparation services in southern Arizona. This includes evaluating and planning the layout of new home sites, clearing the land of vegetation, and executing precise grading and leveling. Our team ensures that the ground is perfectly prepped for foundation work, focusing on soil compaction for stability and implementing effective drainage solutions. We are committed to preparing your site with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a solid base for your construction projects.

Underground Utilities

Our expertise extends to the installation and maintenance of underground utilities. B. East Grading provides essential services for laying down the infrastructural groundwork, including water, sewer, and gas lines. Our skilled professionals ensure these critical utilities are installed efficiently and accurately, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.

We pride ourselves on managing these complex projects with minimal disruption, ensuring a seamless integration of utilities into your project.

Demolition & Excavation

B. East Grading offers expert demolition and excavation services, essential for clearing old structures and preparing for new construction. Our team handles the removal of soil and debris precisely, ensuring a clean and ready site for your project’s next phase. Our demolition process is conducted with the highest safety protocols, while our excavation services lay the groundwork for successful construction, from foundational work to large-scale landscaping.

Rely on our proficiency to set the stage for your project’s smooth development.